How to Brighten Those Dark Rooms

Though you may not realise it, the level of natural light in your home can affect your mood. Those bright rays filled with vitamin D and sunshine can actually make you feel positive. If you have been feeling stressed, exhausted, or cranky, see if the rooms in your house are normally dim. If they are, you should find ways to bring more light into your dark interiors, whether with a solar skylight or brighter finishes.

Use the Mirror Effect

Add lots of shiny surfaces such as brass candlesticks, gold doorknobs, chandeliers, acrylic clear furnishings, or silver photo frames. Full-length mirrors are also a perfect addition and you can choose from many different styles, be it Venetian, bevelled, antique, or sunburst. You can also combine different objects that complement each other like Belle skylights with reflective wall art.

Mind the Landscaping

Head outside and check if any of your plants are getting out of hand and blocking the light. Make sure that any trees or bushes cushioning your windows are trimmed on a regular basis. Also, pay attention to any vines that might be creeping over your diamond skylights and other sources of natural light. Better yet, keep all greenery a good distance away from your home unless you’re talking about small succulents or any other plant that don’t grow big.

Choose Lighter Colours

If at all possible, make sure that much of the walls, floors, or furnishings are in light colours. These make an excellent base for decorating and can make the darkest and smallest of rooms appear bigger and more inviting. You don’t have to opt for white as you can also go for cream, tan, sky blue, mint green, baby pink, and other pastel shades. Mix and match different hues if you want.

Open Your Ceiling

Darkly painted or wood panelled ceilings can add drama and style to any room. The problem is that they also absorb a lot of light. While you may not want to destroy the great mood that they create, you can add something that can complement them and still bring in the light. A solar skylight with a cover is a good example along with recessed lighting fixtures.

Keep Windows Clean

This might seem obvious but simply cleaning the glass can have a huge impact on how much sunlight streams into a room. The less splatters, dust, and dirt, the more sunshine can peek into your interiors. Of course, you should do the same for your dome skylights as they are practically windows on your ceiling, right? Newspapers are known to be quite effective for this purpose.

Certainly, there are many more ways you can brighten up a room apart from what has been shared above. Just be sure that you work with only reliable specialists to get the job done to ensure that you end up with something of quality. Custom Skylights, for instance, can provide you with a solar skylight from their wide range of products. Your local hardware store, on the other hand, can provide you with all the brass or silver fixtures that you need.