Going to take pole dancing classes in Brisbane? Consider these preparations to ensure success in your first session

So, you have decided to take pole dancing classes Brisbane has. Well, good for you! Such an activity will not only help you get fitter, but it will also let you have exciting experiences with other people.

Pole Dancing Classes Brisbane

However, it can be intimidating especially when it is your first time. There might be many things running through your head, as you probably have little to no knowledge of the basics of this art and are not sure where to start. It should not be this way!

Here are things that you can do to prepare yourself and ensure a successful first session when learning how to pole dance:

  • Prepare yourself mentally.

Remember that pole dancing does not only require you to be physically fit, but it also requires you to have the right state of mind. Before you go to Brisbane pole dancing classes, you should have a positive attitude.

Due to the challenges that come with it, there will be times when you want to give up. Do not expect to perfect a move right away. You will eventually do it after a few tries.

Also, do not get jealous of other learners who are progressing faster than you. Focus on improving yourself until you get things right.

  • Wear the right clothes.

Pole dancing involves a lot of movements, so wear appropriate attire that allows you to move freely and prevents you from getting injured.

As a beginner, you can choose a sleeveless shirt for your top because it will be comfortable. As for the shorts, you can opt for those made of breathable fabric as it lets you move freely. For women, in particular, you should wear a sports bra. Everything comfortable is recommended.

In addition, you can wear leggings or leg warmers to avoid pole burns, which are common to have if it is your first time. If you have long hair, then you should tie it back to keep it from covering your eyes when doing certain moves.

Moreover, avoid applying moisturisers and lotions because these make your body slippery, making it difficult for you to grip the pole.

  • Arrive on time.

Typically, you will not arrive in your dancing attire when you go to pole dancing classes Brisbane studios offer. So, to ensure you will be fully ready before the session starts, arrive on time or earlier, so you will have enough time to change outfit, meet your instructor and classmates, and complete any documentation you need to fill out.

And, you do not want to miss the initial instructions, do you?

  • Observe respect at all times.

You are joining pole dancing classes in Brisbane to learn pole dancing and not to do something else. So, during the session, focus on the lessons and avoid anything that might distract you and other learners. For example:

1. Keep your mobile phone away

2. Do not take pictures while the session is on-going

3. Do not dance on the pole before your instructor gives you permission

Pay attention to everything the instructors says, be polite, and be humble.

  • Do not forget to bring the essentials.

Pole dancing can be exhausting, so do not forget to bring a water bottle. You can also bring with you some healthy snacks that you can munch after the workout to keep your energy levels up.

A single session will already make you sweat a lot, so you need to have extra clothes with you to change into after the class. It is also best to have some pain-relieving gel to quickly remedy bruises that you might get during the session.

Now, are you ready for your first lessons? Make sure you go to the best pole dancing classes Brisbane has to offer. On that note, you should visit polefitnessaustralia.com.