Factors That Separate Professional Carpet Cleaners from the Shams

It is no secret that the key to a long lasting carpet is to regularly and properly clean it. However, homeowners know the ordeal of cleaning a carpet because there are some vacuum cleaners that just could not get the job done. This is where the decision to hire a carpet cleaning company should be considered. If you expect professional quality results, you should hire nothing less than the professionals.

Use of Heavy Duty Equipment

This is the number one factor that distinguishes professional services such as carpet cleaning by Chemdry from the other so-called professionals. A professional carpet cleaner must employ the use of truck-mounted and heavy duty equipment to ensure precise cleaning. If you hire a carpet cleaner that uses a portable vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner, you have to think twice if they are a true professional like they claim.

You have to keep in mind that you are paying the carpet cleaner for the service. In exchange, you should expect a thorough clean on your carpet. Hiring someone that uses a portable vacuum cleaner is no different than you doing your own cleaning at home. Why is there even a need to hire one to do it? Check out Chem Dry

Packaged Service

Professional carpet cleaners take their job seriously. Hence, they handle all aspects of the carpet cleaning service such as furniture moving, vacuuming, steam cleaning, spot removal, and deodorizing your home. When the job is done, they are also responsible for putting the furniture back into place. If you have encountered a company that does neither of this, such as vacuum cleaning alone, then you have to think twice about hiring them again. Professionals are called as such because they make sure they can get the job done and cause minimal hassle to the homeowners.

Employ Furniture Protection

When carpet cleaners are hired for a job, they tend to use heavy duty equipment. In the cleaning process, it is inevitable that they will bump into any of your furniture. This can be a cause of concern for homeowners especially if your carpet cleaner is handling heavy duty equipment. Thus, professional carpet cleaners employ furniture protection methods to avoid causing damage to your furniture while they are performing the cleaning process.

Beware of “Discount” Cleaners

When you first inquire about a company to do a carpet cleaning job, you will be able to assess the quality of the company. Do they always highlight their “discount” offers to you? Do they claim they offer the best price? A true professional cleaner does not take pride in offering discounts; instead, they highlight their cleaning methods and the ability to provide the best cleaning results. The moment a company highlights their “cheap” services at every chance they get, you should take that as a red flag.

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