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4 Bathroom Changes You Never Thought Would Make Your Life So Much Better

4 Bathroom Changes You Never Thought Would Make Your Life So Much Better

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Although many people in Melbourne love to spend time outdoors, a good number are introverts or prefer lounging in the house all day. If you’re one of these individuals, and you want your home to be the perfect sanctuary, then it’s time to pay attention to your bathroom. Bathroom makeovers in the city can do more than increase the value of your property. They can improve your sense of serenity, peace, and happiness. In other words, they can make your life so much better!

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Here are some bathroom remodelling ideas that can help you achieve this benefit:

1. Neutral Colours

If the bathroom feels cramped, cluttered, or messy, perhaps all its needs is a fresh colour of paint. Bathroom renovation experts highly recommend sticking to more neutral hues. These include white and perhaps some pastel blue. If white isn’t your thing, then there’s cream or beige.

These colours seem more timeless, and they help create the illusion of more space. Bold hues such as red and even orange can be painful for the eyes in the long run.

It doesn’t mean, of course, you cannot experiment with your shade choices. If you want to incorporate others, though, you may consider using them as accents instead just to add some pop.

2. His-and-Hers Sink

For couples, one of the bathroom makeovers they can consider is a his-and-hers sink. Also known as a double vanity, it expands the amount of space and storage available. It promotes decluttering and ensures everyone has some me time.

While Australia seems to be more laid-back than other countries, Melbourne also deals with rush-hour traffic. With having separate and individual sinks, they can now hasten their mourning routine.

3. Changes in Flooring

What are the best flooring materials for bathrooms Melbourne homes have? The answer is there’s none. It depends on many factors, such as the level of warmth you want, if you have an in-heating device installed, budget, and even the overall theme of the house. Each also has its pros and cons:

  • Cork tiles are environment-friendly and cheap, but they need extensive resealing to avoid damage

  • Porcelain is durable and elegant-looking, but it is costly and challenging to install by yourself

  • Stone helps reduce slipping and falling, but it may be expensive. Depending on the stone, it can be porous that it retains significant moisture.

Nevertheless, if the floors feel dangerous, look tacky or rotting, and smell nasty, it’s time to change them. You can work with experts in bathroom makeovers to guide you through the process.

4. Drainage Pipes

The last thing you want to deal with in the morning is clogging or flooding in the bathroom. One of the essential bathroom renovations Melbourne eastern suburbs need can be as simple as changing the drainage pipes.

In these areas, there are many family homes. Too-small pipes won’t be enough to handle nearly-constant activities in the bathroom. By merely changing the diameter to something, say, two inches, they can already avoid plumbing issues.

Do you know you spend a lot of time in the bathroom? It’s even more when going out often isn’t your thing.

You might as well make sure you’ll have an awesome time while in there. The good news is bathroom changes don’t need to be too complicated.