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Excited to install your very own skylight? Check this out first before you get started

Excited to install your very own skylight? Check this out first before you get started

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Having skylights in your home really makes a difference in your interior. It makes your space brighter and feels airy. Of course, windows are a good addition but skylights elevate your home a notch higher. This is because there are a lot of benefits you can enjoy when you install velux melbourne skylights for your home. But how do you pick the right skylight and what are the steps you should take? There are actually a few skylight types you can choose from, depending on the structure of your home. They are also available in plastic or glass materials. Below are a few ideas that our team has come up with before you think about installing your own Velux Melbourne skylights:

1. How do you want the light to spread into your home?

Before you even consider adding a skylight, remember that it will only work if the room is directly below the roof or below an unfinished attic space. If there is an existing attic above, a light shaft is required. When it comes to planning your light shaft, you can choose among angled, straight or flared shape, depending on how much light you want to enter the room.
  • Angled skylight shaft distributes light on only one or two sides on the direction of the flared site.
  • A straight shaft allows light to flow straight below.
  • Flared shaft allows light to spread over the widest area.
Choosing how you want the light to spread in your home will determine the position of the light shaft. velux melbourne

2. Consider the sun’s path when installing skylights

If you position your Velux Melbourne skylight on the south or west-facing portion, you will collect direct sunlight. While skylights facing north or east may not get direct sunlight but may still illuminate your home without dealing with intense heat trap in the summer. But if you want to get the most from the sun, you can simply use shades, blinds or skylight covers. If you position a skylight in your bedroom, you can enjoy the night time view of the sky. Just be sure to have a daylight blocking shade so you won’t wake up to the blinding light of the sun. The slope of your roof also affects the position of your skylights or Velux windows.

3. Which material is best for skylights?

There are many variations to choose from when it comes to skylight glazing. You can choose plastic and glass with single, double or even triple glazing. When picking which material is better, take note of the size of your skylight. For instance, a glass skylight for a 4-by4 dome weighs about 120 pounds while plastic dome skylight weighs only about 65 pounds. Just choose Velux skylights for sale that have double glazing with two plastic panes separated by air space. If you are after durability, economy and lightweight considerations, then choose plastic glazing. These are just a few things to consider before you buy skylights Sydney shoppes currently offer. If you want to ensure your home is insulated during the winter, take note of the R-value of the skylight you plan to purchase. The higher the R-value, the better insulation it offers. You may also visit skylights-online.com.au for more information.